Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church

720 West 13th Street - Newton, North Carolina  28658

Church - 828-464-9207  *  Holy Family Hall - 828-465-2878


Rev. James M. Collins, Pastor
Rev. Mr. Scott D. Gilfillan, Deacon


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Minisgterios Parroquiales y Organizaciones

Coord. Del Ministrero Hispano. - Veronica Sanchez 244-1880

Bautismos   - Carlos A. & Beatriz E  228-6925

Matrimonios  - Orlando y Maria Avalos  238-2413

Ministerio de Liturgia  - Pedro & Carmen 469-8562

Ministerio De Musica  - Raul martinez  291-0056


If your are interested in any commission, please let Father Jim know...  It is a great way to meet people and become involved in your parish!


Finance Council  


 Donna Lichtenwalner

  Gary Rufty

 Norma Meece

 Jeff Horvath  


Family Life Commission – Vacant

Community Life  Vacant

Annulments - Melanie Hensley  704-308-9239

Director of Music -

Knights of Columbus -

Ministry to Sick & Homebound - Donna Sharman - 459-2605

Other Commissions include:

 Communications Commission, Parish Council, and Litrugy Commission which are groups that need to be filled.